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Hopeless Adam Copeland worship & obsession
I adore Edge. I love writing him, reading him, drooling over pictures of him & watching his matches. I'm crazy about the leggy 6'5 blonde babe. he's gorgeous & insanely sexy in every way. This is my little community basically for drooling over the incredible beauty that is Adam Joesph Copeland. Nothing but hopeless Adam worship. To celebrate his beauty. Pictures, FanFics, stuff I've found to share, etc. I'm squeamish of open posting access. I don't want this to be a "news site" or place for posting rumors. I'm very squeamish of most of that stuff. I don't want anything about his personal real-life love-life posted on here, past or current. Anything I post is fabricated & construed in my own slashy little mind. This place will be slash-centered, heavily. I don't want bashing or anything biased. I don't wanna hear rumors or be reminded constantly of stuff I'd rather ignore (retirement, etc. I'll only mention that once, it has plagued me & makes me sad) I know there isn't much interest, but eh. I'm gonna just run this like a Edge Slash Fansite. Maybe one day somebody'll click into it, go thru what I've posted & it'll make them happy like finding those older Edge fansites (1999-like 2003ish) & all those pictures made me happy. It's basically a drool site :P

This community will contain slash. I'm a slasher, so there you go. *sighs* As usual, I am in no way implying anyone mentioned here is gay in real-life or in a homosexual relationship w/ anyone, & I respect the actual beliefs of anyone mentioned. Really, it's just all based on bored fangirl fantasies. But I have zero tolerance for homophobia, so if it isn't your bag or you are offended, back the hell up. Thank you. (P.S. In my head Adam belongs to Jeff Hardy, they're my FanFic OTP, they're called Jedam, they may come up, lol) Adam's also mainly my bottom these days, as much as I respect him as a wrestler I like making him a dirty slut :P No offense to be taken, this is just fiction & fabrication.

This community or myself is in NO way affiliated w/ Adam Copeland, WWE, etc. Not Edge. I own rights to nothing. I make no profit. This is just for giggly fangirl fun! Just to drool & read & sigh & giggle like a nut.

-Terrahfry, Obsessive Edgehead.